Draconian Isles

Previously in the Draconian Isles

Episode 1

Strange dreams took over the sleep of those on a caravan going from the fishing village of Uoruna to Melaba on the island of Neka.

Curious to what could have caused the dreams and the possibility of glory or treasure, a group of interested adventurers split away from the caravan. The father/daughter tandem of Arrod Brunngardt and Dagna “Dags” Brunngardt, as well as songstress Amora Faye and her companion Gaff Goodstorm eventually came to a farmhouse, where they met Oren Kindleharp, a priest of the Order of the Silver Hammer.

Oren told the group that he was there to deconsecrate the temple that once occupied a cave nearby.

The group agreed to help the priest and eventually found the entrance to the temple through a hidden door in the farmhouse.

Exploring the temple, the group found a book that described a new kind of healing spell that may be of value.

After solving a puzzle about the Order, they found a portal that took them to the temple’s main altar.

Confusion ensued when it was revealed that there were two Oren Kindleharps, one was already in the temple praying when they arrived.

The Oren who had been escorting them was in fact a warlock looking to channel the power of the temple for the use of her demonic patron.

Together with the real Oren the group defeated the warlock, and then proceeded to protect Oren while he deconsecrated the temple.

For their help, Oren gave them the deed to the farmhouse, as well as telling them that they should seek out a professor at the university for other work.

Their arrival in Neka resulted in the party separating again, with Amora securing a gig in the local tavern and Dags and Arrodseeking out the Thieves Guild.

Dags was able to scope out a potential contact, a tall and very skinny Half-Orc, who has ensured that that the Guild will be in contact with a test for her soon.



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