Dagna Brunngardt's Journal

Dagna “Dags” Brunngardt

Entry 1 – Jan 21 2015

Day 1:

A few nights ago we finally arrived at Neka aboard the Salty Mary with her usual crew. It was choppy sailing for most of the voyage, but I only vomited twice. Dad says I’m a Dwarf through and through. I managed to arrange travel with a caravan for a reasonable rate to the capitol where we plan to make contact with local contract sources. I hear tell there’s a prominent thieves guild as well as some wealthy Dwarven aristocrats who might have substantial work for us and the rest of the company. If they won’t give us work, I’ll make some work for us . . . of them. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Day 2:

Dear diary, this might be the best caravan EVER. There is a beautiful singing elf woman of the likes I have never seen! She is radiant, slender and has the voice of an enchantress. I have only ever heard of such people in tales, despite all my travel, but she is marvellous. I’m afraid to talk to her, hopefully she won’t notice me. I sized everyone else up but they are mostly useless. There’s some preachy choir boy who’s nearly as tough as dad who might be good for a prank or to lift some coin. I would have already, but the elf lady seems pretty glued to him. What does she see in him anyway? I’m having really strange dreams lately . . .

Day 3:

I can’t keep my eyes and ears off of the minstrel, she is glorious. I mean, I don’t like girls like THAT, but she’s just so . . . womanly. I wonder if mom was anything like her? She and the choir boy bought some stuff. Oh! We figured out everyone is having strange dreams. Or I guess dream because everyone is having the same one. So foreboding, like magic or something. It wouldn’t bother me except I usually dream of Gold. What would I want with a farmhouse?

Day 4:

I guess work found us early! We noticed a farmhouse resembling the images from our dreams, so four of us decided to go take a look. Actually Amora (the beautiful minstrel and songstress Elf lady!) and her Sherpa, Gaff the choir boy, came with Dad and I, and we met this old guy who wanted us to escort him to a temple cave on the beach. He was willing to sign a contract, and work is work. Amora pulled a move right out of my book trying to size him up. He seems sturdy for a geezer with a cane, what’s up with that? So we made way to the beach down the side of a cliff. Easy enough right? Not so much! The cave is . . . well caved in, and we couldn’t find another entrance on the beach. And then the freakin’ kraken himself decides to get friendly with my ankle and nearly pulls me under a rock! Dad made quick work of him . . . or part of him. We made our way back up the cliff and around the plateau looking for any clues, but nothing. We then found a water well near the farmhouse and the choir boy (Gaffy) was kind enough to lower me in to poke around for an entrance. Zip, ziltch! After the well, I ran up ahead to the farmhouse to inspect it for the rest of the group, and then started prepping a fire. Dad barges in and apparently there’s a BEAR sleeping right behind me! He was fast asleep, but he wasn’t invited to our slumber party, so I stuck a dagger in his butt (heehee!) then Gaff scared him off with some magic (I guess he’s kinda cool). What an eventful day! We turned in for the night after barricading the doors. The Old man was pretty useless, but he’s promised us coin.

Day 5:

So after searching around the property some more, I decided to take a closer look in the farmhouse. I found a suspicious journal that seemed to imply there was another entrance to the temple. Further inspection of the trophy room revealed a magical sword as well as an entrance behind the book case. Amora helped with the search, she’s pretty keen. We descended into the temple and found a number of passageways. There was also a pool of holy water. Something about Butt-mutt or something. The old man and choir boy like their gods, but if the water is blessed maybe I can sell it? Things got exciting when we discovered the prayer chamber was covered in an infectious mould, and that the magic sword would ignite it all to allow us safe(ish) passage! We made our way towards the altar, and Gaff got smacked by a booger that dropped straight from the ceiling! This thing was rad, it knocked him out, split in half, but Dad and I made quick work of it. Had to use up all the holy water on Gaff too, but I guess there’s something to this Butt-Mutt guy. We found a pantry with a bottle of something that Gaff seemed interested in, and I managed to find some cutlery with great balance and decent weight (thank the gods because that bear took my only other dagger). Also, found a secret stash under a floor tile. Gaff was all uppity about sharing the spoils. I didn’t even sign a contract with the guy, so what gives? Dad says always divide evenly with the group, so fair is (un)fair I guess. At least Amora is keeping it all for him. Our break is over, Gaff seems well enough to keep going . . .

Dagna Brunngardt's Journal

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