Farn Rast

The legend of Farn is one that goes back many generations and told amongst many races. Born of poor lineage, and to a family with more worries and concerns than a Kobold in a Displacer Beast den.

Farn Rast grew up fighting an uphill battle in every aspect of his life due to his social standing, until one day a priest took pity on the poor young man and gave him work in the abbey. In the strict rules and laborious activities Farn excelled and found passion and purpose. Any free time was spent studying the vast library filling his mind with knowledge, or tending the garden.

It is said after every kill Farn made while hunting he would bend a knee and say a prayer of thanks to the wild.

In his formative years the story goes, a group of land barons were making pacts with Deamons and performing sacrifices for Devils, in the hopes of achieving greater power over their subjects. Hearing of these atrocities Farn took it upon himself to hunt the lesser subjects and any associates providing aid to the barons while gaining evidence in the process to strip them of there power. In doing so the governing body presented all of the re-claimed land to Farn and his brethren who then proceeded to reduce taxes and portion larger pieces to farmers.

As many agree of his earlier achievements, it’s his later years where the stories range from the extravagant, one of which people say he bargained with a trickster god fooling him to banish himself to the under planes, to the many simple deeds of gathering herbs from the top of the highest mountain for an apothecary’s research.

One thing is for certain among all these stories, Farn Rast is a name of greatness among the down trodden and under privileged.

Farn Rast

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