Gaff Goodstorm's journal


We travel the road to Melaba in a caravan with many other people, everyone enjoys Amora’s songs as we go (as usual). I keep watch, alert to any danger that might be heading our way, the sturdy dwarf seems to do the same.

When it’s time to settle for the night the merchants bring out there wears, Amora bursts into song about a merchants daughter and the riches she will one day possess (This girl really knows how to impress).

Hmm. quite strange this morning as we all wake from our sleep, everyone mentions a fairly vivid dream they all had, sharing details that everyone else recalls as well. A road forked with a farmhouse in shambles

We embark on the road again and after a short period we come to a fork in the road, a majority of the caravan choose to head on to Melaba, where only myself and Amora, as well as the dwarf Arrod and his daughter Dagna find this interesting enough to seek further detail. Low and behold we come to a farmhouse perched on a hill, a figure waves from the porch, an older gentleman belonging to the followers of Bahamut. Oren tells us of a ritual he is trying to perform to strengthen the magical barriers around a temple and would require any assistance to aid in getting this task done.

Well that was uneventful, we search throughout the day to no avail for an entrance into the temple, the little Dagna was attacked by a tentacle beast of some kind and I blasted a bear with a spell I have tried very few times, glad it scared it away. We secure ourselves away in the farmhouse for the night and hope to have better luck in the morning. At daybreak we head back outside and I assist Dagna in traversing the well, she finds nothing. We head back into the farmhouse and on the wall of the trophy room we find a sword of amazing condition and a lever reveals a small crack in the bookshelf, we have found our way in.

We descend the steep steps into the temple below and come to a room centered with a radiant pool and halls leaving in each direction of the compass. We all fill our waterskins from the pool, I say a prayer to the silver dragon as I do so. I head in the direction of the altar and pews in the hopes of collecting some lost donations for the Abbey, as I make my way into the room a familiar odour stings my nostrils, a fungus of poison permeates the air. I try to collect some and in doing so cause the fungus to flare up and burn away, I make my way toward the altar when an object falls from the ceiling and slams in front of me. Daggers are thrown and hammers are swung until the creature splits its form, I pull out the pristine shortsword and pierce the creature and in flash I feel my body go limp and fall to the floor.

I regain consciousness and find myself surrounded by my companions, whew, the body feels weak but willing to go on.


We continue our journey through the temple


The night comes on with little excitement, Amora has bargained for all four of us to spend the night in the tavern in exchange for a performance. This I know she will entertain and enchant the locals, her popularity will grow within the walls of Melaba. I post up for some drink and food at the bar as she begins her show, the Dwarf and his daughter join us some time later, I don’t ask of there whereabouts, I don’t particularly care. The wee one Dagna joins me at the bar while Arrod takes a table to himself to sulk over some long lost trauma. As the tavern begins to bustle with the festivities and chatter of the inebriated one individuals voice seems to be quite louder than any other, an adventuring looking type. Dagna and myself inquire of the tavern operator Wilser Yosarick about this boisterous character, we learn of his ties to the adventurers guild and possible opportunity for this so called “work” people seemed to be concerned with, back at the abbey work was about us at all times.

We purchase a beverage and as I approach Thyus Dagna works her way through the bar keeping out of sight. I introduce myself to Thyus as Dagna pulls her knife and points it towards the genitals of the Tiefling. Surprised and impressed Thyus gives asks us to prove ourselves before the adventuring guild would provide us with steady work. Thyus tells us that Indrud could use a hand as his previous adventurers took off on him.

Dags and myself head out to the university to find Indrud at his home, we are greeted by an imp who after threatening Dagna, accepts a bribe of Elven Wine to summon his master for us. Indrud takes us into his library where books of all kind fill the walls, he tells us of the group of adventurers who left town without him in search of an old dragon’s hoard with his upfront payment. After agreeing to help Indrud with obtaining a portion of the dragon’s treasure Dags and myself return back to the tavern to find all the patrons enjoying the last of Amora’s performance. We retire for the evening with the intent to wake early and purchase supplies before embarking with Indrud.

We wake and meet Indrud at the supply store where we purchase a few daggers and healing potions. We make our way to

Indrud Jorin

EP 1.5
After a rest we scale the last of the mountain face up to where we find a cave entrance that requires a little bit of clearing, Arrod facilitates this with a grimace and energy befitting a man his age. Once inside we find a magic sigil engraved in the ground which Dagna thrusts her knife into the center of activating an explosion

Gaff Goodstorm's journal

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