Gaff Goodstorm’s journal – a colorful little thing, patch worked together from various different materials, contains more doodles then it does actual entries.

Amora Faye’s journal – A piece of elven masterwork, laced with silver and an emerald green leather, whether dyed or natural it is unknown, containing the finest of pulped pages and of great thickness to allow any inks to settle in without seeping through.

Dagna “Dags” Brunngardt’s journal – What appears to be a standard ledger for bookkeeping of fair grade and average paper stock. Etched into the leather binding are unfamiliar markings of a secret code. Further inspection inside reveals personal accounts rife with poor grammar.

Arrod Brunngardt’s journal – Beautiful lustrous carved metalwork frames the aged stretched leather cover of a conspicuously sub-sized pocketbook. The parchment inside is yellowed, and brief entries date back by decades. An inscription reads “For my Beloved”.


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