Draconian Isles

Previously in the Draconian Isles

Episode 2

After reconvening at the Warm Caterpiller the group met the proprietor Wilser Yosarick who gave them the low down on some of the denizens of Melaba.

Gaff approached Thyus Skarakir, a recruiter for the Adventurer’s Guild and while the Tiefling was impressed with their demeanor, he would like them to complete a quest for the betterment of the city to prove they are of the right temperament and countenance to be members of the Guild.

The group also heard that a professor at the university, Indrud Jorin, was looking to hire a group of able companions. Indrud had previously hired another group, but they had taken the location of an ancient dragon horde, as well as money he gave them for supplies, and left without him. The group met with Indrud at his eccentric home and met his House Imp, Bartholemew.

Indrud arranged for the group to buy supplies at Pannan Belfyr’s shop, and then the group set out by skiff down the river and out to the ocean hoping to make up a few days on the landbound group led by Naddar.

During their voyage, the group came across the carcass of a grey whale that had been killed by a band of Sahuagin. After a pitched battle, the group escaped narrowly when sahuagin re-enforcements arrived.



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