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  • Dagna Brunngardt's Journal

    [[:dagna-dags-brunngardt | Dagna "Dags" Brunngardt]] h1. Entry 1 - Jan 21 2015 h2. Day 1: p. A few nights ago we finally arrived at [[Neka]] aboard the Salty Mary with her usual crew. It was choppy sailing for most of the voyage, but I only …

  • Gaff Goodstorm's journal


    We travel the road to [[Melaba]] in a caravan with many other people, everyone enjoys Amora's songs as we go (as usual). I keep watch, alert to any danger that might be heading our way, the sturdy dwarf seems to do the same.

  • Amora Faye's journal


    Our travels shall be taking us to [[Melaba]], a city I have longed to visit in the hopes of garnering further fame and acquiring more stories and songs. I figure Gaff will enjoy himself in a place as big as this, he will be able to find …

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